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Welcome to the Anglo-Italian Family History Society

If your ancestors lived in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland) after moving from Italy, this site can help you research your family history.

Our members support each other in tracing their Italian ancestry back to Italy.

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Italian Roots - the Society's magazine

July's edition of Italian Roots is now available for Members to view or download from here.

Highlights include a report on Immigration Records in the United Kingdom and articles on Giovanni Bianchi and Pellegrino Mazzotti, makers of figurines and highly collectible death masks. One member's family research uncovers ancestors who were an Eistedffod Grand Winner - Ethel Bull - and an Italian Opera Singer - Alfredo Natale Moro. Famous Anglo-Italian detective, Jerome Caminada appears as the inspiration to a new book, The Real Sherlock Holmes alongside popular actor, John Henshaw, a member of the Crolla family. Readers can take a relaxing trip to Isolo Bella, home of the Borromeo Dynasty and a surprising collection of exquisite roses.

There are requests for help overcoming research obstacles, a trip around the archives and a visit to two of the United Kingdom's most popular Italian themed events, Manchester's Madonna del Rosario and London's Our Lady of Mount Carmel Processions.

October's journal is now in production and, as always, your contributions are welcome. They can be submitted by post or email to the Editor, but must arrive by: Monday, 22 September 2014.

AIFHS Website "Highly Commended"

The Society's website was once again "Highly Commended" by the judging panel of the Geoff Riggs Award. Named in memory of a former Chairman of the Federation of Family History Societies, the award is presented annually to organisations which have improved the overall quality of genealogy and family history websites.

In line with the growth in membership, AIFHS was this year transferred from the "small" to the "medium" category. We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in these achievements.

The Society welcomes articles, photos and links which can improve the content and richness of our website. Please contact our webmaster for more information.

How Can We Help?

Search our Transcription Database and the online archive of our award winning journal, Italian Roots.

The public transcriptions area and transcription database index of the Anglo Italian Family History Society's website contains lists of surnames that may help in your research.

Members can search the records that the Society's volunteers have transcribed. Approximately 600,000 names have been extracted from a miscellany of census, birth, baptism, marriage, and death records together with war, military, directories and occupational records.

Most are not available on commercial genealogy sites and more are due to be added. Not already a Member? Why not join us?

A Keyword search for Italian Roots is also available, making it easier to find articles, names, places etc. within the entire, online collection of journals.

The April 2014 issue is available to view or download from the Member's only area. If you have anything that you would like to contribute to future editions please contact our Editor. The deadline for submissions to the July issue is 20th June 2014.

Family Group Records

Find out if your family is already in our family group records collection. Members can send us their family group records for help with the next step and to connect with others researching in the same areas.

Need some research hints and tips?

Ruth Rowlands, one of our researchers, has a blog at, where she updates us on her efforts to find her own ancestors. Ruth also has a blog recommending books about Italian genealogy at

AIFHS Research Library

The Society has a collection of books, DVDs and maps which may be of interest to members and of use in your research. Contact the Librarian for more information.

Anglo-Italian Rootsweb Group

Anyone - AIFHS members and non-members - with an interest in all things Italian, may contact each other by signing up to the public Anglo-Italian Rootsweb email list.

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